Android file transfer crashing on mac

After installation, you should proceed with the following steps. After successfully installing the software on your Mac computer, it is time to launch the app. You should be able to see the following screen after opening the app for the first time on your computer. There are several modules within this program, we need to click Transfer button at this time. The software will automatically recognize your phone and display it on the main interface of the program.

If everything is done successfully then you will be able to see the following screen. Now you will be able to transfer file from your Mac computer to your android phone and vice versa. Hover around through the apps, contacts, messages, photos, music, etc.

You will be able to import files directly from your computer to android phone using this software. Android Assistant for Mac not only helps to transfer file from your Mac computer to Android phone but also it helps to create and restore backup files. You can manage your contacts and messages using the same software, a simple solution to all of your android problems.

Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Also, the same software can be used to diagnose iOS devices too. Sophia is a senior editor of Androidsoft. She discovered the fascinating world of Android and constantly share the most practical tips and tricks for Android users.


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Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Step 4: Method 2. Diagnose Mac Step 1: Reboot your Mac computer. Open Android File Transfer app on your Mac. Method 3. Update Android Phone Step 1: How to Fix Android File Transfer Issue with Android Assistant These above mentioned method should do the trick but if the problem still is not resolved then it is time to use some external software to make this work. Sophia Lee Senior editor. Hot Product. Editors' Pick.

So just go to check the OS version of your mobile phone and computer at first. Make sure your USB cable is original and it's the one that came in the same package with your Android phone.

Part 2. 7 Tips for fixing Android File Transfer not working

Most of the times, it's your faulty wire that hampers the smooth transfer. Just check it carefully and in case you detect a problem, try to replace it with another USB cable. So, you replaced your old USB cable with a new one, but it did not solve the problem effectively. Worry not, just take the same piece of cable to connect your Android device to the Mac now, and go to the "Settings" of your phone and turn on the USB Debugging on your device. If you do not know how to enable the mode, just go to the page: Only when you select the correct connection type can the software transfers the files smoothly.

An OS update can solve many problems sometimes. So here, you can also try to update your Android and Mac OS. Another way you can try to solve the problem is to reboot both your devices.

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  3. Method 2. Diagnose Mac?

This is very easy to complete but it is very useful - it can fix many phone or computer issues easily. Some Android data transfer tools like Samsung Kies or Smart Switch would trigger the transfer issue also.

So if you have installed this kind of programs on your Mac computer, please find them out and uninstall them. After uninstalling these applications, you can restart your computer and try to transfer your files with Android File Transfer again. You can also select to download Android File Transfer for Mac one more time.

How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

This is probably one of the last resorts and you can do it by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Once you have installed it back to your system, you can attempt to launch and connect your device to computer again. Then just check if it works normally this time. Supposed that you have tried out all 8 solutions above but still fail to solve the problem, then you can consider to use an Android File Transfer alternative.

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