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Never had any problems. Visual Studio Code ftw, I have been using it with Python for awhile now and I couldn't look back at anything else again. I voted "Something else", I'm not a programmer but I know programming and I like python very much. I mostly use mcedit for simple python or other programming but have tried several python IDEs and editors over the years.

2. Sublime Text

I checked out Ninja-ide, and it did look nice. The new Fedora Python spin uses it. However, it appears development has stopped. Their irc channel doesn't seem to be active, and their telegram group is a ghost town.

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It has issues because it hasn't moved to Qt5 and Qt4 is considered legacy now with support dropping off. The last commit of significance seems to be years ago.

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  • 1. Sublime Text 3.
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Newest versions of Debian and Ubuntu won't be supporting it because they are dropping support of Qt4 libraries. It is impressive, but I hope that development starts back up to bring it to Qt5. I'm extremely fond of Pyzo. I never see anyone recommend it. I'm pretty sure it's because nobody knows about it, so it never gets listed as an option. It's pretty slick and simple. That's the opposite of free and open source, which can be and often is quite commercial.

Visual Studio Code for me. When setup with IPython for the REPL and a good linter it is incredibly powerful while being lightweight and very simple to configure. I totally agree, and with the new extension intellicode which is basically artificial intelligence-enhanced IntelliSense for the Python language it's even better. I am a physics student, so I am partial to the spyder editor because it comes prepackaged with all kinds of data and array goodies as a part of anaconda.

It works so nicely and doesn't have that bare bones feel. Try this new one. This is great. When it comes to Python programming, you have many options for great integrated development environments. Image by: What is your favorite Python IDE? Choices Eclipse.

Setting up a Python Development Environment in Atom

A general-purpose text editor Emacs, vi, gedit, etc. Another lightweight editor Bluefish, geany, etc. Something else. More Python Resources. What is Python? Topics Python.

About the author. Linux desktop enthusiast. Raspberry Pi tinkerer. Data analysis and visualization geek. Occasional coder. Cloud nativist. Civic tech and open government booster. More about me. Learn how you can contribute. Recommended reading Building manylinux Python wheels.

Why should you use Rust in WebAssembly? Drinking coffee with AWK. Introducing kids to computational thinking with Python. How does rootless Podman work? Which programming languages should you learn? Robin Muilwijk on 29 Oct Permalink. Great list. My favorites are Eclipse, but also Netbeans https: Although originally supporting Java, Netbeans supports plugins that will allow you to use the IDE for several other programming languages, also Python https: Jason Baker on 29 Oct Permalink.

Ricky Brundritt on 29 Oct Permalink. Ian Waring on 26 Feb Permalink. Craig Oda on 02 Nov Permalink. Ben Cotton on 29 Oct Permalink.

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I've tried to use other tools, but I still fall back to using gVim. Don Watkins on 29 Oct Permalink. Jireh Biglanawa on 05 Dec Permalink. Naveen Srivatsav on 29 Oct Permalink. ViennaMike on 15 Sep Permalink. Anaconda uses Spyder as its IDE. Spyder is by far my favourite IDE for python. The only thing i prefer more is gedit. Duncan McKean on 30 Oct Permalink. Ricardo J. Barberis on 25 Aug Permalink. It's the future. Alex Borrell on 25 Aug Permalink.

Yes, atom is a very good choice for Python. Xander on 31 Oct Permalink. Craig Oda on 05 Nov Permalink. Hi Don, Please consider including Komodo Edit: Sachin Patil on 18 Jan Permalink. Ryder-InfluxData on 24 Aug Permalink. Travus A Gonzalez on 24 Aug Permalink. I like Ninja-IDE very much. For bigger projects I guess I would use Kdevelop with it's python plugin.

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I'm tempted to try Atom, but it's huuuuge! And I'm laaaazy: Hsiu-Ming Chang on 25 Aug Permalink. My teacher told us to use jupyter notebook. It's not an IDE, but it is easy to use. Seth Kenlon on 25 Aug Permalink. Quite nice, cross-platform, open source. Mowestusa on 25 Aug Permalink. The development has been activated: Cory Hilliard on 02 Sep Permalink. Aivar Annamaa on 27 Sep Permalink. Beginners should check out Thonny: Lightweight on 28 Sep Permalink. Dirk Haar on 09 Nov Permalink. The snake is an anacondo, I'd assume, not a python. Tomut on 03 Jan Permalink.

I use Spyder on anaconda-navigator Pretty useful. Alex Ioannides on 04 May Permalink. Paul Mairo on 20 Oct Permalink. Richard Miller on 10 May Permalink. Sublime Text is not free, though you can download the free trial version and it never seem to expires. Nevertheless, if you use and love Sublime Text, it is always good to purchase the license and support the development. This is yet another nice tool for coding programs. BBEdit says it does not suck, and that probably means something good for the coders. The app has a nice interface identical to Sublime Text. The app seems to be inclined towards those who do a lot of HTML coding, and maybe that is why there are a number of options to manipulate webpages in the app.

Sounds cool, huh? Do you have a load of coding work that needs to be done in a short span of time? TextMate is available to help you out. The app makes coding much easier on your Mac than ever with a number of features it comes preloaded with. Syntax highlighting, Multiple Tabs, and Search and Replace are some of the salient features of the app. If you missed closing a bracket, that happens most of the time you are coding; it completes it automatically for you.

So the next time you write a program, there is much less of a chance that it will have errors. What is it that you use most often while writing code? Yes, you are right. It is brackets. Brackets by Adobe brings a powerful tool for you to code the next big thing. The app is actually built for HTML coders who build hundreds of webpages a day, or maybe even more. It highlights the syntax making it easier for you to find your code blocks and errors and comes with a Live HTML Development that shows the output of your code without having you save or refresh the page.

Textastic for Mac is a simple, yet faster, coding tool that delivers what it promises. With features like Auto Completion, it auto-completes some of your code that you would otherwise have to do yourself, saving you some time that you could use to do something else. While most of the other features remain the same as the apps above, it includes a new feature called iCloud syncing.

What it does is let you sync your code across your various Mac machines so that you can pick up where you left off easily. Image credit: We were limited to only five apps. It may not be mature yet but the guys behind it seem very passionate in making it super-cool. Nice find! You've decided to leave a comment. admin