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It's worth noting that the Macintosh version of Civilization featured better graphics and sound than the DOS version at the time. Sid Meier's Civilization objective is to dominate the Earth by building cities, armies and dealing with barbarian tribes, pollution, revolution, budget, etc Just surviving other nations is a big challenge in and out of itself.

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The game starts in the year BC and very slowly, technologies are discovered, you will discover the alphabet, the mathematics, the wheel, iron working, etc You can try and make deals with other tribes by bribing them or negociating war allies or friendship treaties with them. Starting a Civilization game means you'll be stuck in front of your computer for at least 2 hours playing it!

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The aim of the game is to take a tribe, settle them, and try to create a civilization. Motorola 68K. Civilization II is very much like the first Civilization, with some changes to the units and civilizations and additional wonders, units, tile "specials" and technologies included. The graphics greatly improved with clickable links and movable windows have been changed from top-down view to isometric representation. Rivers no longer occupy the whole of each tile along its length.

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The river is just part of each topography square it flows through, adding productive value and movement ability. The game features entirely new concepts, such as firepower and hitpoints meaning phalanxes cannot so easily beat battleships , and changes some units' abilities and strengths. For instance, engineers and settlers can be automated to improve surrounding areas, but no longer ignore enemy zones of control. Legions cost more and have greater attack and defense values; some new units are added such as stealth bomber and stealth fighter.

One memorable element in the game is the ability to consult the "High Council" for advice as long as the player still has the CD in the drive. The council consists of film clips of young actors portraying advisors in the areas of the military a brawny man, often drunk, angry or both; he becomes a stereotypical American general when you reach Modern Age , economics a snooty and suave businessman , diplomacy a saucy Femme Fatale with a vaguely Eastern European accent , technological progress a stereotypically nerdy scientist , and the people's happiness an Elvis Presley lookalike.

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They often argue with and insult one another, as each advisor's department demands a different set of priorities. The counselors' costumes change with each new era. In many ways, the 'High Council' constitutes a bit of comic relief. Amusingly, when the player is experiencing anarchy, the characters begin talking at the same time, interrupting each other, and finally beginning to fight, with all counselor windows shutting down and turning into the "A" symbol of Anarchism.

There are two paths to victory in this game: The latter can be much more difficult because there are a limited number of turns in the game, ending in the year If the spaceship does not reach Alpha Centauri by then, the game will simply end.

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The player can continue playing after all civilizations have been conquered, the spaceship has reached its destination, or the year , but there will no longer be any scoring. Every time you completed building a wonder, there is a short but representative movie. If you need help in administering your empire, the animated advisors are always available.

Your advisors present you with their ideas and also some comical relief.

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You can watch your advisors arguing with each other based on their own principles. Also, you meet with ambassadors from other empires face-to-face. Your reply sometimes is enough to incite an ambassador to take out a knife, howling, and threaten to destroy your empire!

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In other cases, your reply may please the ambassadors and they will bow cordially, pay you tribute, or share their knowledge for your peaceful nature. Diplomacy is improved in Civilization II.

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Your bad attitude toward other empires will ruin your reputation. Although the final score calculation does not take reputation into account, walking around with a stained reputation can really hurt your diplomacy. Other cultures will remember your treachery for a longer period of time.

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