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It is feasting on the raw flesh of CPU cycles and system memory. The result is the decrease in the overall work of system and its speed. Why would you need it? Perhaps, it is time to find out how to manage this issue. Deactivating the problem is pretty simple.

It will not prevent the user from applying plugins. Simply make it a rule to explore plug-in content occasionally. These actions prevent the silly Flash advertising from loading, so each Mac owner will benefit from it as well when trying to watch a video or play an online game. Issue metadata Status: Duplicate Owner: Sep EstimatedDays: Mac Pri: Bug Area- Misc. Restrict- AddIssueComment-Commit. Sign in to add a comment. Show deleted comments Hide deleted comments.

Runaway Chrome Helper Reported by ray. Chrome Version: OS version: I quit Chrome and the Chrome Helper process did not die. Finally had to Force Quit it in Activity Monitor. Took a sample first, attached. I'm not sure what I did to make this happen. I suspect it's because I tried to make an attachment in GMail and the Flash plugin got all hot and bothered. Sample of Google Chrome Helper. Comment 1 by krisr chromium.

How to Disable “Google Chrome Helper” to Get More CPU?

Comment 1 Deleted. Comment 2 by jon chromium. Comment 2 Deleted. Comment 3 by bob. I just saw this happen on Mac OS Comment 3 Deleted. Comment 4 Deleted.

How to Stop Google Chrome Helper Stealing Mac’s CPU? | MacsPro

Comment 5 by Deleted Same issue. Chrome hung on me, then I force-quit the app. Intel MacBook Pro, running Comment 5 Deleted. Comment 6 by Deleted Had an identical problem happen. Chrome hung on the NY Times website -- received the error message that stated the website was not responding, did I want to "kill it"? I did, and Chrome popped up with a little "dead" looking folder icon in the main browser window. Comment 6 Deleted. Comment 7 by Deleted Also experiencing this 4. Fans have died down, but utilization is still wonky. Comment 7 Deleted. Comment 8 Deleted.

Comment 9 by fetus Same thing after unresponsive webpage " www. When I killed the Google Chrome Helper it stopped. Comment 9 Deleted. Comment 10 by connor. Same here - chrome 4. Comment 10 Deleted.

Comment 11 by Deleted Comment 11 Deleted. Comment 12 by jackhodg Comment 12 Deleted. Comment 13 by Deleted I had the same problem as described by ray. Comment 13 Deleted. Comment 14 by Deleted See http: Comment 28 Deleted. Comment 29 by erikc Comment 29 Deleted. Comment 30 by erikc The histogram ChildProcess. A dremel query shows that for , on OSX, utility processes are being disconnected 4x more often than all other processes combined. Comment 30 Deleted. Comment 31 by thestig chromium. If you can repro this, look into what the utility processes are being used for.

It would be interesting to see what's launching them.

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Comment 31 Deleted. Comment 32 by erikc Comment 32 Deleted. Comment 33 by erikc Oh, and just for reference, the utility processes outlived the browser process itself. Comment 33 Deleted. Comment 34 by erikc There are 4 utility processes that disable the sandbox on Mac: Comment 34 Deleted.

What Is “Google Chrome Helper” Anyway?

Comment 35 by erikc Comment 35 Deleted. Comment 36 by cosminc google. Comment 36 Deleted. Comment 37 by erikc Yes, both the ps aux and the log files would be useful.

What Is Google Chrome Helper, and Why Is It Hogging My CPU Cycles?

Can you try to grab a trace shortly after opening Chrome? Comment 37 Deleted. Comment 38 by rsesek chromium. The plugin loader issue is bug If you go to about: Comment 38 Deleted. Comment 39 by erikc Comment 39 Deleted. Comment 40 by Deleted I've check chrome: I went again to chrome: The issue exhausting processes hasn't appeared since on that machine. Google Chrome-macbookpro. Comment 40 Deleted. Comment 41 by Deleted I have the same exact issue.

I've tried removing chrome multiple times, and I also turned off all plugins and extensions. These processes continuously pop up and eat the CPU, sometimes when I run cisco webex, the entire pc completely comes to a stop. I used to think this is due to some conflict with chrome and TOAD, but it is not.

It is the chrome itself needlessly taking up CPU and not releasing resource, to a point that makes computer simply stop. This has been progressively worse ever since Sept.

How to fix Google Chrome's high CPU usage

When the chrome starts, Utility process starts and stays there Comment 41 Deleted. Comment 42 by Deleted I uninstalled chrome, and opened up the registry and deleted everything that has chrome. After that re-installed chrome, and it no longer launches utility process when opening chrome. Some of the registry entries I remember, were something to do with intellimouse and intellikeyboard from MS. Comment 42 Deleted.

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  7. Comment 43 by Deleted Nevermind, it still pops up. This is really debilitating as a browser. I may have to switch browsers now that this is not really working Comment 43 Deleted. Comment 44 by erikc There are many different problems being reported on this thread. If you can take a trace of the problem and upload it, either myself or thestig can take a look. admin