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By Eric Peterson Feb 14, 5: Safer, but still scared: How suburban students feel one year after Parkland shooting. By Marie Wilson Feb 14, Here's how suburban student-activists reflect. Two years from now, they're going to see a tremendous number of 11ax clients, and even a classroom of just 20 students can easily have 50 connected devices. If they're trying to use Excel, then it's no big deal.

But if they need to work with high-definition video, then the Some schools are just starting with 11ax in areas where they have the most density, like auditoriums and cafeterias. We're also seeing a lot of interest from public venues and convention spaces -- large, dense environments.

In the internet-of-things world, the It might tell your phone to go to sleep for just milliseconds at a time, which makes a tremendous difference for your battery life in the long run. But it might tell a smart thermostat that doesn't generate a lot of traffic to shut off its radio for 23 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds, waking up just once daily to send a temperature and humidity update, before going back to sleep.

Our access points also contain software-defined radios, which enable decision-making at the edge -- also known as fog computing. The typical Wi-Fi access point has one radio fixed in a 2. With the Aerohive access points, users can set up the radios to match their client environment, or the access points can even dynamically detect changes and adjust accordingly. Yes, it's all backwards-compatible. So, I could have a mixed environment with 11ax wireless APs covering central areas and AP30s filling smaller areas as needed.

The Atom AP30 itself is a very small, plug-and-play Other vendors offer similarly sized wireless APs, but most of those are residential-class products. All our access points go through the full Wi-Fi Alliance certification process, so the Atom AP30 has the functionality of a traditional, enterprise-class device.


We wanted to make an easy-to-deploy device to extend wireless coverage to a small area, like a dorm, hotel or hospital room. If I already have traditional Aerohive access points installed, I can plug an Atom AP30 into any wall jack, and it will boot up and find the existing network in about two minutes -- automatically setting up a wireless bridge and downloading any new configuration or firmware updates.

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Large schools and enterprises have been purchasing several of these and giving them to the facilities teams. If a main access point in a classroom goes down in the middle of the day, a facilities person can walk into the room, plug an Atom access point into the wall, and two minutes later the network is back up and functioning. From programming languages to partial SDN deployments, current SDN research allows for true innovation in the field as proven by Analysts say the SDN market will be very disruptive for networking VARs focused on hardware sales, with a shift in focus from Figuring out how to calculate bandwidth requirements is vital to ensuring your network runs smoothly, and it's best to get the Successful MPLS migration takes careful consideration.

Orri is still Israel's main citrus export

Robert Sturt offers some advice about the steps you should consider before Learn how your data may be at risk when deploying CPaaS and communication APIs and how to protect your organization from Many users of the Microsoft Teams app were unable to connect to the service through the web and desktop clients for several hours Contact center AI is evolving to meet the needs of organizations.

Vendors are focusing on five trends that are driving the market Mobile devices enrolled in MDM platforms should only be backed up in certain situations.

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Here's a rundown of what IT should allow As IT has been overwhelmed with too many tools to manage devices, UEM attempts to simplify the situation. Here's what to expect This year, they are predicting the volumes will return to between 90 and , tons.

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No other variety comes close. According to him, the Star Ruby is the best grapefruit in the world. However, it does not grow well in warm climates. All the trees died off. That was part of the crisis the growers were facing ten to 15 years ago. Prices were going down, and there was almost no crop.

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Between and , the amount of grapefruit decreased dramatically. Grapefruit prices doubled Then, in , Florida was hit by major hurricanes. Then a few years later, the market was oversupplied again, with depressed prices. He says this stabilized in the two seasons before last.

South Africa stayed on the market very late. If you asked us last year, we would have said grapefruit has a bright future.

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A Rio Red grapefruit. The quality and taste is special.

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The Red Sweety variety is also cultivated in Israel. However, in countries like the Netherlands and France taste and quality is more important than the price. Retailers here prefer grapefruits from Florida. If these are unavailable, they turn to Israel. In discussions When people ask him what to plant, his first suggestion is to plant the variety that grows well in their area and climate. admin